iURBAN Open Access book

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Date: 21.11.2016

We are delighted that the iURBAN Open Access book is published online, both the PDF version as well as the version for online reading. 

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With the intent to create an impact that will last beyond the end of the project the consortium decided to publish a book. A book entitled “iURBAN: Intelligent Urban Energy tool” has been developed just after the end of the project with the River Publishers[1].
Consortium iURBAN members as well as external experts were invited to make a contribution to this book by writing a chapter. An editor note written by the editorial team Narcis Avellana, Alberto Fernandez and Sofia Aivalioti acknowledged the iURBAN project and the European Commission funding.

River Publishers is an international publisher that publishes research monographs, professional books, handbooks, edited volumes and journals with focus on key research areas within the fields of Science, Technology and Medicine (STM). River Publishers books are indexed in Web of Science Book Citation Index (BkCI).

iURBAN Book first   iURBAN Book last   River 9788793519107

Download:: RP_E9788793519091.pdf