Final iURBAN Consortium meeting


Location: Barcelona, Spain
Date: 14 – 16 September 2016 

The iURBAN consortium gathered together from 14th to 16th of September for the final iURBAN project meeting at the AXEL Hotel, Barcelona, Spain. 

The main aims were to review the state of development of the activities and progress related to the iURBAN platform and to define in detail the remaining tasks to ensure the project success. The meeting concentrated on future exploitation of results as well as on the overall evaluation of the obtained results. A specific section was dedicated to the discussion of the deliverable Final Report. 

All the partners of the consortium attended the meeting: Sensing and Control, EVN TP, EAP, Vitrociset, IES, Fraunnhofer ISE, City of Rijeka, Energo, and ALU Freiburg.

                                                                               IMG 20160914 104333   IMG 20160914 104412 

                                                                               IMG 20160915 093210   IMG 20160915 093242

It was a bit sad that is the end of the project and  that we see each other for the last time. It was great working on the project and we hope to meet again.