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Virtual Power Plant (VPP) development presented at the Sustainable Places Conference

Location: France, Anglet
Date: 29.06. – 01.07.2016

The Sustainable Places Conference, an annual event focusing on energy efficiency at building, district and city levels took place in Anglet, France gathering researchers and engineers around long-term environmental sustainability of ever-growing, densifying urban areas, in a resource-constrained world. 

The primary objective of “Sustainable places” is to group together actors from the EeB and smart grid value chains, in order to disseminate the achievements in both research and industrial settings, and facilitate cooperative development and sustainable deployment plans. Besides, “Sustainable places” aims to become a reference event, for stakeholders alike to access up-to-date information, assess outcomes from the most advanced research and innovation projects & initiatives, discuss possible synergies, and empower standards evolution.
Within a Session “Energy-Efficient Districts & Cities” Dr Michael Oates, IES presented Virtual Power Plant (VPP) development within the project Intelligent URBAn eNergy tool (iUrban).
In the context of this work the VPP is considered a high level design tool based upon load aggregation of near real-time metered energy demand and generation data at building/apartment levels. Selected data is aggregated up to city level, or user defined and selected levels such as district, neighbourhood, low voltage electricity network, district heating network etc.

vpp develop 1   vpp develop 2   vpp develop 3

Conference paper (Development-of-a-Virtual-Power-Plant-VPP-prototype-and-case-studies-for-the-use-of-energy-balancing-across-cities.pdf)