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Plenary Meeting of the IURBAN Project in Rijeka

Location: Croatia, Rijeka
Date: 15th May 2015

The 3rd Plenary Meeting of the iURBAN project was held in Rijeka from 11th May until 13th May 2015. The event was held at the Hotel Bonavia in Rijeka. More than thirty participants attended the meeting representing the whole consortium.
On behalf of the City of Rijeka the Deputy Mayor Marko Filipović welcomed the participants. The plenary session was inaugurated by Sergio Jurado, technical co-ordinator with Sensing & Control Systems S.L., who presented a summary of the realised activities and achieved results.
The meeting confirmed the good progress and good understanding among the different partners of the consortium. A mixture between engagement, social atmosphere and willing to have exploitable results was present during the 3 days of the meeting.
All the organizations had the opportunity to explain the work so far and the plans for the coming months, highlighting the more relevant issues and the cooperation they will need form other organizations.

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Smart to Future Cities 2015, London

Location: London, UK
Date: 28.- 29th. 04.2015.

4th Annual Urban IoT / Smart to Future Cities 2015 was attended by 350+ delegates from the UK, Europe and all over the world , 70+ leading global speakers delivered insightful case studies.
The conference is one of the global featured events that is becoming a serious case of success, meeting point for companies, cities and citizens.

The conference was attended by the City of Rijeka and within the session “Giving citizens access to open urban data”  its Mayor Vojko Obersnel gave a presentation “Developing smart citizens service innovations and meeting demands for open city governance” featuring smart city concept of the city and presented iURBAN as a case study of the smart city solution for energy management in cities.
During the event Suzana Belošević-Romac, a project manager of the iURBAN pilot in Rijeka and Tatjana Perše, iURBAN WP8 leader met with some members of the iURBAN Smart City Advisory Group: representatives from the Cities of Milton Keynes, as well as the Open University in Milton Keynes and many other representatives from city governments,  technology vendors and consultants.

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Lead-user workshops II in Plovdiv

Location: Bulgaria, Plovdiv
Date: 28.04.2015

Workshop with lead-users in Plovdiv to introduce them to the LDSS. The concept for the Lead Users Workshops in the city of Plovdiv focused on three major groups of users: Lead Users (private), Early Majority (private), and Public Users and Prosumers (public). They were jointly organized by Franhofer, EVN and EAP representatives.
Discussion focused much more on the advantages and disadvantages of the energy service provided, and took iUrban as an example of hardware and software technology that would eventually undo all the faults of the current energy system. Users suggest improvement in the iURBAN use cases and some new functionalities.

ABEA Annual National Meeting

Location: Bulgaria, Hisarya
Date: 23-24.04.2015

The Energy Agency of Plovdiv presented the progress of iURBAN project to the energy experts in the Association of Bulgarian Energy Agencies. Focus of the presentation was the developed prosumers monitoring system and its functionalities as well as the iURBAN graphic user interface. Discussion over the application of the system and potential municipalities that would be interested to apply iURBAN.

ABEA Annual National Meeting

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