WP5 - two lead user workshops with citizens of Rijeka

Participating partners:
Fraunhofer ISE, ENERGO, Grad Rijeka
12/03/2014 - 13/03/2014
Rijeka (Croatia) / Municipality of Rijeka
Description of
Two separate lead user workshops were undertaken with citizens of Rijeka, one including employees of public institutions and the other with residents living in multi-apartment blocks. The aims of the workshops were to involve and empower the citizens of Rijeka in the iURBAN project and to pursue an exchange of these experts’ opinions and knowledge about heating practices and energy efficient behaviour together with the energy provider (ENERGO), the municipality (Grad Rijeka) and a research institution (Fraunhofer ISE). This approach will help to enhance the local appropriateness of the project and to implement pilots that are shaped by its users.
Objectives of the
  • To give participants an impression of the importance and the complexity of the iURBAN project by introducing the most relevant facts
  • To get an idea of the participants’ current heating practices at their homes or at the public institutions they work
  • To gain a better understanding of the challenges the participants currently face in terms of heating and their thoughts on possibilities to enhance energy efficiency with behavioural change and ICT technology
  • To discuss about and ultimately define certain motivating factors as well as the circumstances under which the participants would be willing  to actively change their behaviour
Summary of results
/ decisions taken from
the workshop:
Outcomes of the workshops:
  • Exchange of opinions and knowledge about heating, technological solutions and energy-efficient behaviour between the participants and project partners
  • Insight of current heating practices, energy saving potentials and discovery of opportunities for behavioural change which vary among building, family and company
  • Participants are willing to adopt a more energy-efficient and rational heating behaviour but they lack instructions, information and education about ways to use heating energy more efficiently
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