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The iURBAN tool will address increasing market demands for cheaper, cleaner energy services. It is being designed with the direct involvement of end users - local residents, energy companies and public administration.


Innovation In Action

iURBAN provides improved architectural innovations to enable service providers to easily integrate with city energy systems.

It develops knowledge-driven services and software that can help mitigate the intrinsic complexity of city and neighbourhood energy systems by enabling service providers to develop new offerings that can safely and securely utilise, produce and trade city energy.

Users of these services (prosumers) must also be able to easily comprehend, manage and interact with energy management services, while protecting their right to privacy.

Big Data analytics and distributed Intelligence

iURBAN smart metering infrastructure captures high frequency data from multiple sources – Gas, Electricity, Heating and Water. Using Advanced Computational Intelligence and parallel processing in the cloud, the iURBAN smart Decision Support System helps both citizens and energy companies understand when, why and how they consume and produce energy.

Unlike other Smart City energy management tools, iURBAN creates a network of distributed intelligence through a personalised tool for households and local organizations to gain insights about their energy performance and tips for improvement. By aggregating this distributed intelligence, energy companies can track and improve performance at a city level.

Citizen as leading actor

In iURBAN we know that a city is as smart as its citizens. Through a series of engagement workshops, residents in Plovdiv and Rijeka are discovering the benefits of Smart Energy technologies and directly contributing to the development of the iURBAN tool.

This approach ensures a user-friendly solution that meets citizens’ demands for affordable, clean energy services.

New business models

With the iURBAN tool, energy customers can choose to give their energy data to third parties, such as solar panel installers, window and insulation installers, Energy Service Companies, software developers, smart appliances providers and other entrepreneurs.

These third parties can then offer products and services tailored to the customer’s needs.

Smart City Validation Protocol

How do we know if a city is using energy efficiently? How can we compare one city’s Smart Energy initiatives to another’s? iURBAN is developing an innovative Validation Protocol based on the extended IPMVP for buildings.

With common Key Performance Indicators, the energy performance of different cities can be compared and areas for clean energy investment can be identified. The new protocol will be employed in Rijeka and Plovdiv. Which city will be the Smart Energy leader?

Welcome Prosumers!

iURBAN is building an infrastructure to encourage more residents across Europe to become Prosumers – customers that both consume and produce energy. iURBAN will offer the tools to manage and overcome both the technical and financial barriers common to small-scale renewable energy systems.

These tools will also propose improvements to national regulatory frameworks to facilitate the widespread adoption of local, clean energy generation.

Robust security and privacy frameworks

Data protection is key for gaining the trust of users. iURBAN is creating a security framework to guarantee the robustness of the system.

Furthermore, the Differential Privacy approach is used in order to assure the total privacy of citizens and guarantee that their data is shared only with authorized third parties.

Project Fundings

eu-flagThis project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No 608712

Project Coordination

  • Sensing & Control Systems S.L.

Contact Details

  • Project Coordinator: Dr. Narcís Avellana
  • Tel: +34 931 763 520
  • Technical Coordinator: Ing. Sergio Jurado
  • Tel: +34 931 763 521

Project Details

  • Timetable: October 2013 to September 2016
  • Total cost: 5,632,289€
  • EC funding: 3,849,958€
  • Instrument: STREP
  • Project Identifier: FP7-SMARTCITIES-2013-608712
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