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The iURBAN tool will address increasing market demands for cheaper, cleaner energy services. It is being designed with the direct involvement of end users - local residents, energy companies and public administration.



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Софтуерният инструмент iURBAN ще създаде по-добри пазарни условия за по-евтини и по-екологично чисти енергийни услуги. Той е създаден с участието на крайния потребител – местните жители, местните енергийни компании и обществената администрация.


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Project News

The local media in the city of Plovdiv turned their attention to the iURBAN Solar Prosumer Smart Monitoring System

Location: Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Date: 28th of January 2015

The local media in the city of Plovdiv turned their attention to the iURBAN Solar Prosumer Smart Monitoring System. After almost three months of functioning, the system has enough data to prove itself working at its top. The following articles discuss the process of implementing the iURBAN Prosumer System in seven public kindergartens and gives a small overview of the results achieved. The winter seasons proves not that bad for the kindergartens with 3.5 MWh produces and 343 kg/kWh CO2 emissions saved in January only. The solar thermal installations work well even in the coldest days as soon as it does not rain or snow. The complete report on the winter season will come in Spring 2015 summarizing all the winter achievements of the Solar Thermal Prosumer Installation.”

iURBAN 22 01 2015       iURBAN Article 21.01.2015


Lesson about Smart Cities at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona

Location: Barcelona, Spain
Date: 28th of November 2014

Sergio Jurado, a technical coordinator of iURBAN project gave a 2 hours lesson about Smart Cities and the iURBAN project to 100 students of Telecommunications Engineering in the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB).

  UAB 1   UAB 2   UAB 3


iURBAN at the Sustainable Places 2014 event

Sustainable Places 2014 took place in Nice, on October 1-3, 2014 focusing on energy efficiency at building, neighbourhood, district and city levels. It covered research and innovation projects and initiatives across the construction value chain.

The event included 2 thematic sessions, 2 technical sessions, 1 workshop organized by the European Commission DG Connect on energy efficient buildings KPI’s, 6 project workshops, the EuropIA.14 colloquia, a visit of the European business & innovation centre of Nice Côte d’Azur, and a sightseeing tour in Nice. 120 delegates, coming from Europe and other regions of the world attended the event.
This open research forum turned out to be a key opportunity for delegates to access up-to-date information, assess outcomes from the most advanced research and innovation projects, discuss possible synergies, and envision possible standards evolution.

IMG-20141001-01915   IMG-20141002-01967   Pic x002   Pic x007

iURBAN was presented during a joint workshop with other 7 EU projects in the field of smart cities/districts on topics including data models, user/stakeholder involvement, business models and evaluation framework.
The workshop was intended to show synergies/similarities among the different projects. iURBAN generated a lot of interest on all the topics but especially on user engagement and business models. We had  a lot of questions and requests for contact.


•    AMBASSADOR’s ultimate goal is to study, develop and experiment with systems and tools aimed at optimising energy usage in the perimeter of a district. These tools will manage energy flows; predicting and mastering energy consumption and production.
•    iURBAN, whose aim is to create and test energy services in two European cities( Plovdiv in Bulgaria and Rijeka in Croatia) through the development of a smart decision support system
•    URBGRADE, which will create a Decision Support tool in the cloud to allow city authorities and utilities to improve the performance of the district in terms of energy efficiency, economic savings and citizen comfort. It has three pilots, Eibar, Kalundborg and Barcelona
•    SmartKYE project objective is to develop a system for the future smart grid neighbourhood that will enable better business decisions to be made based on real-time fine-grained data. Two pilots, Barcelona and Creta
•    BESOS project proposes the development of an advanced, integrated, management system which enables energy efficiency in smart cities from a holistic perspective. Two pilots, Barcelona and Lisbon.
•    INDICATE: It will develop a cloud based decision support tool for the dynamic assessment of the interactions between buildings, RET’s and ICT’s. Potential to be used by people such as city planners, private planners, energy managers, utilities etc.
•    Cityopt mission is to optimize energy systems in Smart Cities. The project will create a set of applications and related guidelines that support efficient planning, detailed design and operation of energy systems in urban district.
•    READY4SmartCities project intends to increase awareness and interoperability for the adoption of ICT and semantic technologies in energy system to obtain a reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emission at smart cities.

Workshop presentation: http://sustainable-places.eu/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/SMARTCITIESWORKSHOP.-SP14.pptx



iURBAN Project Presented during the Xth National Conference of the Association of the Bulgarian Energy Agencies in Plovdiv

On 2 October 2014, EVN Bulgaria Toplofikatsiya presented the project Intelligent URBAn eNergy tool (iURBAN) during the Xth National Conference of the Association of the Bulgarian Energy Agencies. The conference took place during the 70th edition of the International Technical Fair in Plovdiv.

As part of the panel” Smart Cities and Regions - Sustainable Energy Management and Bio-energy from Waste", Mrs. Antoaneta Stoyanova from EVN TP presented the iURBAN project as the model of the city of Plovdiv for intelligent energy city management. Other projects for intelligent energy management implemented in Bulgaria were also presented. The conference was attended by representatives from the Association of the Bulgarian Energy Agencies, Sofia Energy Agency, Sofia Energy Centre, the hosts from the Energy Agency Plovdiv, EVN Bulgaria, Dalkia Varna, regional media, students from technical departments, and others.

Plovdiv2 2 October 2014   Plovdiv1 2 October 2014   Plovdiv3 2 October 2014   Plovdiv4 2 October 2014

The iURBAN project is financed from the 7th Framework Programme for reseach, technical development and demonstration of the European Union under Grant Agreement No. 608712.


Call for energy efficiency experts to evaluate the iURBAN services


iURBAN team is currently developing several instruments/services to motivate residents and staff of public buildings to change their energy consumption and heating behaviour. To prioritise the instruments, Fraunhofer ISE is conducting a multi-stakeholder survey. We are looking for international experts in the field of energy efficiency, ICT, planning and smart cities to take part in the evaluation of the proposed energy instruments/services.

Your knowledge and experience can support the survey and the development of the services offered to public and private energy users. Your input will be highly appreciated. The survey can be completed in approximately 15 minutes and all your answers will be kept completely confidential.

The survey is available at: http://ww3.unipark.de/uc/iurban_project/4cd8/

We would be glad to share the results of the survey with you. We will communicate this through our iURBAN LinkedIn page.

Please follow it in order to access the results. Thank you very much in advance for your support.


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Project Fundings

eu-flagThis project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No 608712

Project Coordination

  • Sensing & Control Systems S.L.

Contact Details

  • Project Coordinator: Dr. Narcís Avellana
  • Tel: +34 931 763 520
  • Technical Coordinator: Ing. Sergio Jurado
  • Tel: +34 931 763 521


eu-flagТози проект е финансиран от Европейския съюз по Седма рамкова програма за проучвания, технологично развитие, демонстрация под номер 608712

Kоординатор на проекта

  • Sensing & Control Systems S.L.


  • Координатор: Dr. Narcís Avellana
  • Tel: +34 931 763 520
  • Технически координатор: Ing. Sergio Jurado
  • Tel: +34 931 763 521

Project Details

  • Timetable: October 2013 to September 2016
  • Total cost: 5,632,289€
  • EC funding: 3,849,958€
  • Instrument: STREP
  • Project Identifier: FP7-SMARTCITIES-2013-608712
  • Check the CORDIS database

За проекта

  • Продължителност: Октомври 2013 – Септември 2016
  • Стойност: 5,632,289€
  • ЕК финансиране: 3,849,958€
  • Инструмент: STREP
  • Код на проекта: FP7-SMARTCITIES-2013-608712
  • База данни CORDIS