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Софтуерният инструмент iURBAN ще създаде по-добри пазарни условия за по-евтини и по-екологично чисти енергийни услуги. Той е създаден с участието на крайния потребител – местните жители, местните енергийни компании и обществената администрация.



CDSS - Centralized DSS

Authentication and profiling platform

  • The platform manages the user profile and the authentication of the actors of iUrban System CDSS-GUI.

 cdss 1  cdss2


City map

  • The City Map shows, according to the user profile, a 2D view and each object is described with an appropriate icon.



City energy view (current, forecasted and historical)

  • City Energy View is according to the user profile, the consumption and production energy data from EnergyView. The system can show data at city, district, building, installation and meter level and for different energy type . Moreover the user can select a period of time: daily, monthly, yearly or a particular range of time.




Tariff Management

  • Tariffs Plans manages the Tariffs applied to the customers, It is possible to insert new Tariff and manage data related to the dynamic tariffs.



What-if scenario




Diagnostic – Data flow off-line

  • Data Flow-Off Line shows, according to the user profile, the list of meters which don’t send information to the system from more than 24 hours. That information can be useful in order to verify the status of the meters.



Diagnostic – Technical losses detection

  • Technical Losses is a loss of the water in apartment buildings, it is the deviation calculated comparing the water consumption of the current month with that of the same period last year. A loss of water in the building is supposed when the deviation is greater than 30%, in this case the result is shown in the Technical losses list.



Weather Forecast

  • Weather Forecast shows the weather information related to the city of interest.



Demand Response - DR program

  • Demand Response Program shows, according to the user profile, a list of the Demand Response Program created from system or from the user (Decision Maker, Supervisor ).

 cdss12  cdss13


Demand Response - Peaks Monitoring

  • Peaks Monitoring allows the user to check the peaks generated if the energy production(response) is less than the energy consumption(demand). In that case the user can try to resolve the problem using a suitable DR Program. The peaks are calculated from the system or created manually from the user. It is possible to link a DR program with a peak.




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eu-flagТози проект е финансиран от Европейския съюз по Седма рамкова програма за проучвания, технологично развитие, демонстрация под номер 608712

Kоординатор на проекта

  • Sensing & Control Systems S.L.


  • Координатор: Dr. Narcís Avellana
  • Tel: +34 931 763 520
  • Технически координатор: Ing. Sergio Jurado
  • Tel: +34 931 763 521

За проекта

  • Продължителност: Октомври 2013 – Септември 2016
  • Стойност: 5,632,289€
  • ЕК финансиране: 3,849,958€
  • Инструмент: STREP
  • Код на проекта: FP7-SMARTCITIES-2013-608712
  • База данни CORDIS